Teater MaskArado

In the vibrant summer of 2005, the seed of Teater MaskArado sprouted from the shared passion of a close-knit group of friends enchanted by the magic of theater. Drawing inspiration from the theatrical wonders of Theatro de la Comedia and the bold innovations of contemporary stagecraft, they embarked on an extraordinary journey, navigating the delicate boundary between reality and the enchanting realm of fantasy.

The birth of this idea, initially dismissed as a mere dream, unfolded into a demanding odyssey of self-education and boundless creativity. Ricardo Araneda, Freddy Soto, and Sebastian Pobete, driven by their love for the craft, converged in an apartment one fateful day. Their collective gaze fixated on the prospect of collaborating on the renowned Colombian theater piece, "El Monte Calvo" by Jairo Anival Niño.

With the script in hand, the trio delved into an immediate exploration of possibilities. A key to the "holy room" in Rinkeby, then an annex to Rinkeby's People's House, became their gateway to six months of intensive labor. The play unfolded its magic in various corners of Stockholm, establishing the foundation for what would evolve into a multifaceted artistic endeavor.

As the echoes of their initial success reverberated, Teater MaskArado expanded its repertoire. Stilts became a new canvas, and the workshop buzzed with the production of masks and costumes. Enter Yakumbé, and the collaboration birthed street performances that ranged from the whimsical mosquitoes and three little pigs to the captivating hunters and an orchestral extravaganza. Thus, the innovative concept of "Samba Theater" took shape, captivating audiences at diverse festivals across Sweden.

With growth came the addition of new talents, and the ensemble swelled to eight active members. Engaging the community, they pioneered two Children's Carnivals in Rinkeby in 2007 and 2008. The rhythmic beats of the Candombe group "Rompiendo Lonjas" joined the creative symphony.

A decade of dynamic existence has shaped Teater MaskArado into a force of creativity and resilience. Their performances, characterized by simplicity and profound impact, remain a testament to their unwavering commitment to the art they love. In this world they've crafted, where reality meets fantasy, they continue to weave tales that captivate the imagination and celebrate the enduring spirit of theater.