Teater MaskArado


We used to be a tight-knit family, a collective yearning for something unique, a shared desire to stir things up and make a positive impact on the world. And so, we embarked on a journey as a free-spirited street theater group.

Our adventures took us far and wide, traversing the globe, meeting strangers, and leaving behind traces of thought-provoking moments. In those moments, we found happiness.

However, time has woven its tapestry, and many of our comrades have moved on, exploring new paths in their lives. We carry a bittersweet longing for their presence, expressing gratitude for the times we shared and extending an open invitation for their return. Though our numbers may have dwindled, our passion remains as fervent as ever.

New faces join our ranks, becoming integral parts of our performances or extending invitations for collaborative acts. With each passing month, we embark on fresh projects, eagerly accepting invitations to grace festivals and theaters with our presence.


As we gaze into the horizon of our future, we infuse it with hope, a hope that transcends boundaries and resonates with the hearts of even more individuals. We aspire to connect with a broader audience, individuals for whom our thoughts and artistic expressions hold significance. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to share our interpretations of the pressing issues we choose to delve into, fostering a sense of understanding and empathy.

We envision encounters with both familiar faces and those who are yet to discover the liberating embrace of our free-spirited group. Each interaction holds the promise of mutual inspiration. Yearning to inspire others with our performances, just as we anticipate being enriched and invigorated by the creative energy of those we encounter along the way.

In shaping the future, our collective wish is for a world that embraces freedom, peace, and a kaleidoscope of choices. We aspire to contribute to a future that offers a rich tapestry of possibilities, where the resonance of our art echoes the universal desire for a world filled with diverse perspectives and limitless opportunities. We envisage a future that is vibrant, harmonious, and abundant with the joy of artistic expression and shared understanding.