Teater MaskArado


We were a big gang of people.
Wishing to do something different together.
To make a menace.
To change the world for the better.
And so…
we started a street theater as a free group.
We traveled the world.
We met people.
We made them think.
We were happy.
We still are but most of us have gone.
Doing something else with their lives.
We miss them and thank them
for the time that has been
and welcome them back whenever they wish

We are fewer in numbers but we are still
as engaged as ever.
New people arrive to become
A part of the show and participated
in our acts or invite us
to participate in theirs
We are starting new projects each month
We are invited to a performance
on festivals and theaters.
We talk about the things that
are important for us today.
We use new media
And learn each day how
to communicate with our inner selves
by communicating with our audience


We fill it up with hope.
Hope to be able to meet even more people
to whom our thoughts and art
Would be important to see our
interpretations of those issues
we choose to explore.
We look forward to meeting even more
of already established and freshly started
performance actors
We hope to be able to inspire
people and be inspired back
by them.
We wish the world freedom, peace,
and varsity of choices in the future
that is about to come.